Welcome to the North American GSM Application Developer Program

The GSM Application Developer Program is a program designed for companies developing innovative GSM wireless applications for the new millennium. Our goal is to offer you the right blend of training, technical support, equipment options, and service availability.

We understand that you come to us with varying levels of experience and with different business objectives, so we've created a program that allows you to experiment with the technology, pursue specific applications you would like to sell, or distribute to targeted customers and industry segments. Regardless of your level of commitment, we're here to support you in your endeavors.

Why GSM?

With more than 215 million Global System for Mobile Communications customers in 141 countries across five continents, GSM is clearly the right place to develop wireless data applications. Currently, there are many GSM developers worldwide who have worked closely with GSM service providers to bring innovative service solutions to the marketplace.

By joining the GSM Alliance Developer Program you will have access to the combined resources and expertise of the largest GSM carriers and manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. These companies have joined together to offer you a solidified program on behalf of expanding the use of GSM technology in North America.

Program Benefits

By joining the GSM Application Developer Program, you'll enjoy some important benefits:

  1. Education and Certification Information
  2. Technical Support
  3. Discounts on Wireless Service

Developer Kit Options

The GSM Alliance has compiled everything you need to start developing GSM applications into a convenient Developer Kit. The complete Developer Kit contains a GSM multi-media training CD-ROM, a GSM phone, a GSM data suite, activated SIM card, and appropriate membership documentation and information. All of these elements are packaged and shipped to you within days of placing your order.

Getting Started

Click here to order your GSM Application Developer Kit and start creating new applications by the end of the week!