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July 28, 1998

GSM Continues Record Growth in North America
Customers Top 2 Million in United States & Canada

WASHINGTON, D.C., Monday, July 27,1998 - Global System for Mobile (GSM) communica-tions phones today reached two historic landmarks. By the end of July, there will be more than 100 million GSM customers around the world, and in North America, GSM operators in the U.S. and Canada became the first Personal Communications Services (PCS) technology there to reach two million customers.

According to Don Warkentin, Chairman of the North American GSM Alliance L.L.C., and President and Chief Executive Officer of Aerial Communications, 17 North American GSM wireless operators now provide commercial service to more than 2 million customers in 1,545 cities in 41 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and four Canadian provinces.

"Every second, four new GSM subscribers are added around the world," said Warkentin. "But more importantly, GSM now accounts for 38 percent of the world's total wireless market and continues to grow at a very brisk pace. By the end of the year, GSM's worldwide customer base is expected to be 120 million customers, an expected growth rate of 20 percent in the last five months of 1998 alone..

"For us in North America, we are very pleased to part of such robust growth. As testimony to GSM's popularity and strength in the North American marketplace, we reached two million customers in half the time it took for the entire U.S. cellular industry to reach its first two million customers."

North American GSM operators, in addition to investing billions of dollars to establish their networks and launch their services, have created 11,755 new direct jobs, with an estimated additional 30,000 new employees involved in service, manufacturing and associated jobs. GSM carriers in North America have built about 8,650 cell sites in little more than two years (It took the entire U.S cellular industry nine years to reach that number when they built out their networks).

The GSM Alliance, L.L.C. is a group of U.S. and Canadian digital wireless PCS carriers, which helps provide seamless wireless communications for their customers, whether at home, in more than 1,500 U.S. and Canadian cities and towns, or abroad. Using Global Systems for Mobile (GSM) communications, GSM companies provide superior voice clarity, unparalleled security and leading-edge wireless voice, data and fax features for customers.

GSM Alliance members include: Aerial Communications, Inc., Airadigm Communications, Inc.; BellSouth Mobility DCS; Conestoga Wireless Company; Cook Inlet PCS; DIGIPH PCS; Microcell Telecommunications Inc.; NPI Wireless; Omnipoint Communications LLC; Pacific Bell Mobile Services; Powertel, Inc.; Western Wireless Corp.; and Wireless 2000 PCS. The GSM Alliance works in cooperation with North American GSM equipment manufacturers: Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel and Siemens.

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