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February 8, 1999

TWS, Inc. Joins North American GSM Alliance

NEW ORLEANS, February 8, 1999 - The North American GSM Alliance LLC announced today that TWS, Inc., a Personal Communications Service (PCS) operator licensed to provide service in American Samoa, has become the Alliance's newest member.

"We see GSM Alliance membership as an important value-add to our company and a valuable resource," said TWS President and Chief Operating Officer Eric Ensor, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of TWS, as well as the creation of a network operations company, that will be structured as an affiliate of TWS. This new entity will be responsible for investing in and managing wireless, long distance and Internet networks globally.

The North American GSM Alliance L.L.C. is a group of U.S. and Canadian digital wireless Personal Communication Service carriers that use Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications digital wireless technology. With the addition of TWS, Inc., the membership now totals 16.

"The Alliance is pleased to have TWS on board, and to welcome back Eric Ensor in his new role. We value his expertise and experience," said Don Warkentin, GSM Alliance Chairman and President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aerial Communications, Inc.

TWS, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the nation's leading telecom software development, distribution and consulting companies in the field of emerging wireless telecommunication services including cellular, PCS and paging technologies. TWS' bulletINTM technology is a complete messaging solution that allows a network operator to forward information from the Internet or corporate LAN to a subscriber's wireless phone. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, TWS currently supplies bulletIN to BellSouth Mobility DCS and Vodafone.

The North American GSM Alliance L.L.C., a group of U.S. and Canadian digital wireless PCS carriers , advances the commercial efforts of its 16 member companies as well as helping to extend GSM's seamless, wireless communications to customers across North America.

Using Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications, GSM companies provide superior voice clarity, unparalleled security and leading-edge wireless voice, data and fax features for customers. There are now more than 3 million GSM customers in more than 2,500 cities in 44 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and four Canadian provinces. There are more than 135 million GSM customers in 129 countries worldwide.

North American GSM Alliance members include: Aerial Communications, Inc., Airadigm Communications, Inc.; BellSouth Mobility DCS; Conestoga Wireless Company; Cook Inlet PCS; DIGIPH PCS; Iowa Wireless Services, L.P.; Microcell Telecommunications Inc.; NPI Wireless; Omnipoint Communications LLC; Pacific Bell Wireless; Powertel, Inc.; Western Total Communications; TWS, Inc.; Western Wireless Corp.; and Wireless 2000 PCS. The GSM Alliance works in cooperation with North American GSM equipment manufacturers: Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel Networks and Siemens.

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