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March 10, 1999

Wireless Data Forum
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North American GSM Alliance
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North American GSM Alliance Joins Wireless Data Forum

Addition of 16 GSM operators expands WDF member technology base.

Washington, D.C., March 10, 1999 - The Wireless Data Forum, the leading trade association for wireless data and mobile computing, today announced that the North American GSM Alliance L.L.C. has become a member. The North American GSM Alliance is a group of 16 GSM operators that serve more than 3 million customers in the United States and Canada.

The inclusion of the GSM Alliance brings WDF much closer to its goal of bringing together all the major wireless technologies. "A year ago, we announced that the Wireless Data Forum would be the premier forum for the development and promotion of all wireless data and mobile computing technologies. With the addition of the GSM Alliance, our membership now represents most of the leading technologies, including analog cellular, CDPD, TDMA, CDMA, and now GSM," said WDF Managing Director Mark Desautels.

"The Wireless Data Forum is a technology-neutral organization and encourages all companies with an interest in wireless data to join our industry-building efforts," said Desautels. "The addition of the North American GSM Alliance greatly increases our ability to foster collaboration and development among all technology players in the wireless data and mobile computing industries."

"GSM companies continue to be on the leading edge of the smart world of wireless data solutions. With virtually every make and model of GSM phone on the market today data capable, we're not only committed to, but excited about, the future of wireless data," said Don Warkentin, chairman of the North American GSM Alliance and president and chief executive officer of Aerial Communications. "We see the Wireless Data Forum as an important vehicle to promote and advance the development of wireless data across North America and are excited about participating in this endeavor."

About the North American GSM Alliance

The North American GSM Alliance L.L.C., a group of U.S. and Canadian digital wireless PCS carriers, advances the commercial efforts of its 16 member companies as well as helping to extend GSM's seamless, wireless communications to customers across North America. For further information, contact the GSM Alliance Web site:

North American GSM Alliance members include: Aerial Communications, Inc.; Airadigm Communications, Inc.; BellSouth Mobility DCS; Conestoga Wireless Company; Cook Inlet PCS; DIGIPH PCS; Iowa Wireless Services, L.P.; Microcell Telecommunications Inc.; NPI Wireless; Omnipoint Communications LLC; Pacific Bell Wireless; Powertel, Inc.; Western Total Communications; TWS, Inc.; Western Wireless Corp.; and Wireless 2000 PCS. The GSM Alliance works in cooperation with North American GSM equipment manufacturers: Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel Networks and Siemens.

About the Wireless Data Forum

The Wireless Data Forum is an independent, technology-neutral trade group dedicated to promoting the wireless data industry. WDF's more than 80 member companies include domestic and international wireless operators and equipment providers, application developers and information technology companies working to advance wireless and mobile data products and services. For further information, visit WDF's Web site:

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