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GSM Closes In On 5 Million North American Customers, Adding 2.5 Million New Customers in Past 12 Months

MONTRÉAL, CANADA, October 19, 1999 -- The North American GSM Alliance LLC reported today that in the third quarter of 1999, more than 620,000 customers signed up for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) wireless service in Canada and the United States.

"This brings the total of GSM customers in North America to about 4.8 million," said Bob Stapleton, Chairman of the North American GSM Alliance L.L.C., and President of VoiceStream Wireless. "This once again reflects an increase of more than double the number of customers from a year ago. We expect to soon reach 5 million customers in North America and 6 million by the end of 1999.

According to Stapleton, GSM service providers in North America now offer commercial service in nearly 4,000 cities and towns in 46 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces.

"In the past 12 months, GSM Alliance companies in the U.S. and Canada added about 2.5 million new customers -- the equivalent of adding 5 new customers a minute," Stapleton said. "With 205 million GSM customers in the world, GSM remains the world’s overwhelming choice for digital wireless service, and is the fastest growing!"

Each month, almost eight million people sign up to GSM networks across five continents of the world. Globally, GSM customers now equal about 50 percent of the entire world wireless market, and two-thirds of the global digital market.

North American GSM Alliance members include: Aerial Communications, Inc., Airadigm Communications, Inc.; BellSouth Mobility DCS; Conestoga Wireless Company; Cook Inlet VoiceStream Wireless PCS; DIGIPH PCS; Iowa Wireless Services, LP; Microcell Telecommunications Inc.; NPI Wireless; Omnipoint Communications LLC; Pacific Bell Wireless; Powertel, Inc.; STPCS Joint Venture, LLC; TWS, Inc.; Western Total Communications; VoiceStream Wireless Corp.; and Wireless 2000 PCS. The GSM Alliance works in cooperation with North American GSM equipment manufacturers: Siemens, Motorola, Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, Nokia and Ericsson.

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